Yoga is for Everyone currently works with the wonderful children and staff at:

  • Georgie Porgies Nursery - Denton
  • Children 4 Most Nurseries - Audenshaw, Hyde, Ashton Under Lyne
  • St Anne's Primary School - Denton
  • Wythenshawe Health Academy - Wythenshawe
  • St Mary's Brownies - Denton
If you are a nursery, a school or a youthh group and would like to get the kids involved in yoga, please contact me.

How Yoga for Children works:

Children are naturally playful and inquistive about how their bodies moved. I continue to observe that children naturally put themselves into positions that resemble yoga poses. As children get older they loose this playfulness and sitting in chairs for long periods at school as well as playing on computer equipmment causes the restrictions in their bodies and breathing that we are all too familiar with as adults.

Yoga for kids has to be fun, and so classes consist of games to capture their attention and encourage posstive behaviour. A visual timetable is used to set expectations for the children for the class and colourful pictures and child like props are used to keep yoga accesible for the children (see picture right).

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